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David E. Arterburn, MD, MPH

Patients Making Informed Decisions About Their Care
After Group Health introduced a straightforward video laying out the pros and cons of joint replacements for patients with knee and hip arthritis, such patients chose such surgeries at sharply lower rates, according to study just published in the journal Health Affairs.

Doctors teaching
GHP doctors share a passion for teaching
We've always understood the benefits of opening our doors as a learning system, Last year our teaching clinicians and trainers logged over 22,500 student hours and 5,600 teaching hours with visiting physicians, fellows, and residents; students from PA and midwifery schools; and with pre-med student shadows from many different programs.  read more >>
In Our Patients' Words

Libby H., with Peggy Hummel, and surgeon Gerald Kent, MD
Libby H., with Peggy Hummel, and surgeon Gerald Kent, MD

“At age 39, my breast cancer diagnosis was a shock. Although I have a tremendous support system, I felt incredibly alone. Giving up control of your body to medical professionals is not easy... read more


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Top Docs

While we think all our docs are tops, 60 of them were recognized in these Northwest publications in 2012!